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How safe is android?

As the mainstream of mobile phones, android phones have a certain advantage over the iphone in terms of performance. So what about the security features of android phones? Although there are numerous reports on the security of android phones on the Internet, there are many loopholes in the security of android phones, so it is easy to be a Trojan horse. So are you using android phones that have been hit by Trojan viruses? I don't think many people have been attacked.

With the upgrade of android technology, android phones now have a great promotion in the security, is no longer a people's question, the number of people in the use of the android mobile phone number is a qualitative leap. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers are also gradually investing in the research and development of android phones. If you are concerned about the security of mobile phone, afraid of being a Trojan virus attack, you can use cell phone jammer  ( https://www.jammer-buy.com/cell-phone-jammer/c-24.html ) to intercept the signal, to a certain extent, to protect your mobile data security.