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gps jammer for phone is right?

The device, which signals the same frequency as the phone's signal, can disable the phone's call. Restrict the communication function of mobile phone within a certain range. Installing a mobile jammer at the station can make the station's environment easier. Whether there is reasonable judgment in the station to decide whether to leave the service area. If you interfere with this control signal, the phone will not be able to identify it beyond the scope and cannot call. As a method of interference, the rf of the control signal is fixed. As long as the mobile jammer can emit the same radio waves as the phone, the phone's signal will be jammed, blocking the phone's communication function.

I learned that the GPS jammer that is being used prohibits the location and tracking of the location, protects the safety of our environment, and stops the function of GPS. By jamming GPS radio waves, we can easily disable GPS devices. Because it is through the radio waves emitted from the communication jamming device in GPS signal of radio waves to produce the same frequencies, to interfere with the function of radio waves from the GPS satellite base station.