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Dazenelevator.com Elevator buffer is divided into

Dazenelevator.com Elevator buffer is divided into: hydraulic buffer, spring buffer and polyurethane buffer, in which the hydraulic buffer due to adapt to a variety of speed requirements of the application of more common, spring buffer for low-speed elevator. Spring buffer (buffer plastic) is a high elasticity and high toughness of the rubber products, is a modified car accessories. Used to install in the car suspension system of the coil spring, mainly play a role in the shock absorber and shock absorber up protection, this function is a physical effect. The appearance of the buffer is a circular ring with an opening, with a groove (which is used to hold the coil spring), with two, three or more holes on the side. According to the spring spacing of the standard specifications, the buffer is divided into A + A, A, B, C, D, E, F seven standard models. In theory, these seven models can include a large part of the world's spiral spring shock models required.

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